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TIMEX 226 2012

Triathlon in Cebu

Timex 226 was first held last year December 2011, at ANDA bohol. where the distance is FULL IRONMAN distance.

where the SWIM is 3.8KM
after that BIKE for 180KM
                   and a 42km RUN

That's Right a Full Marathon Run after a Grueling SWIM and RUN.

GUN starts from 6am and the cuttoff for the RACE is 12am. so 17 hours is the CUT off for the RACE.

here is the RACE route for Timex 226 2012. which would be  on Dec 1,2012

Triathlon in Cebu

Swim Course which 3.8KM which is 3 Loops

Triathlon in Cebu
Bike Course which is 180KM which is 3 Loops. 

Triathlon in Cebu
Run Course which is 42.2KM which is 4 LOOPS for 10.55KM per LOOP

Triathlon in Cebu
I got this info from Timex website. and also you can REGISTER here.

Thank you.

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