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Half Ironman Event

2013 is still kicking for 2 Half Ironman Events in Cebu, one is Cobra Ironman 70.3 and Tabuelan 101. both of these events are Great events in cebu. Cobra Ironman 70.3 costs like 10,000 pesos for Registration while tabuelan 101 cost 3,000 pesos. Joining and also being a Part of these 2 Half Ironman races is very exciting, but too bad these year. i will just going to Pass. and Enjoy watching my Friends Finish and Also suffer the 2km SWIM 90km BIKE and the Half Marathon RUN. Also if you are a newbie and Planning on to Join the said events you must at least Train for 5 Months, for the three SPORT, SWIM BIKE and RUN. but if you are already an avid swimmer and and cyclist, then its going to be a less hard impact on doing such Sport Transition. Many of my friends who did an Ultra Marathon Runs and also avid Long Distance Swimmer turned and tried out Triathlon. they said they were enjoying the sport. the pain and joy really bought them back to join more races in triathlon. whether its a Sprint Distance, a Standard or a Half Ironman. Number of People joining triathlon races in cebu has doubled as of 2012 as Triathlon entered cebu in 2006, people were amazed what the human body can encounter throughout the race. the human body is designed to withstand a lot pains and its designed to endure through the extremes. so no wonder why people is addicted to it, because its a way of life. the more pain you have encountered the more you keep coming back.
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